Last Week of School Announcements

Wednesday, June 11
8:15 Response To Bullying Documentary for fourth/fifth grade
9 – 2:00 Fourth/fifth grade Field Day and picnic at Lapeer Park
4:00 – Talent Show

Thursday, June 12
8:30-9:10 Fourth Grade Honors Ceremony
9:15-10:00 Fifth Grade Honors Ceremony
10:30 – 8th Grade Practice for Honor’s Ceremony (Auditorium and Gym)
Last day for Elementary- Dismissal at 11:05 a.m
12:30-2:30 p.m Eighth Grade Field Day and picnic at Lapeer Park
1:45-2:55 p.m Sixth/Seventh Grade Honors Ceremony

Friday, June 13
9-11 a.m Sixth/seventh grade Field Day and picnic at Lapeer Park
9:45-11:05 a.m Eighth Grade Honors Ceremony
Last Day for Middle School- Dismissal at 11:05 a.m.


Roving Story

One of the activities during Reading Month was “Roving Story” where all the students in the building got an opportunity to write a story together. We started writing it in Mrs. Alqadhi’s class and it was sent roving through the building from LA class to LA class. 
Mrs. Alqadhi’s class along with Mr. Kemian’s tech savvy skills came together to create a video of our story so that we can share it with everyone. Please watch and enjoy.

Click here to watch the Roving Story


Edsel Ford Announcement

Tuesday, June 10th– Parent meeting on Early Start 6pm- Edsel Ford cafeteria

August 1st-12th Early Start Program @ Edsel Ford (upstairs in the academy)

Freshmen Orientation Friday, August 22nd in the main gym at Edsel Ford from 8am-12pm


2014 Science Fair Winners


1st place: Reem Alharbi and Mohamed Alharbi with Water Purification


2nd Place: Marwa Albaadani and Yasmin Aljahmie with Think Ink Chemical Reations


3rd Place: Leana Alward and Rana Alsaadi with Crystal Formation