Salina Intermediate School

Band and Orchestra Music Festival

Our Salina Intermediate School Band and Orchestra students will have a unique opportunity the first week in March.  We have been invited to participate in a Music Festival Workshop at Edsel Ford High School along with other bands and orchestras in our district.

Friday, March 6, at noon a school bus will transport our students to EFHS to perform for ‘judges’.  Our ‘judges’ are retired music teachers.  Their objective is to listen to our band and our orchestra perform some music for them.  They have a specially designed rubric form to write on and make comments about our performance.  The judge will take a few minutes to speak to us and rehearse us with the goal of improving our performance.  Then we will go to another room and perform some music on sight.  A second ‘judge’ will make more comments about our playing.  It will be interesting to see what kind of score we might earn.

The whole event is set up with the goal of exciting ad inspiring our students to perform even better.  Next year we will have the opportunity to participate in the Michigan Music Festival and our score will count for real.  This is a great chance to see what it is all about.

Parents and friends, please encourage us all to practice more so we will do our very best at this Music Festival.  Mrs. Reed is available before and after school nearly every day for students to practice if they are not able to take instruments home.  We hope to shine as one more bright light for our Salina Community.

The Schedule:

Depart Salina Intermediate School by school bus at noon and parents are welcome to join us.

Salina String Orchestra

Warm up 12:30 Performance 12:55  Clinic 1:20  Sight Reading 1:45

Saina Band

Warm up 2:10 Performance 2:35  Clinic 3:00  Sight Reading 3:25

Return to Salina by 4:15 p.m.