Staff Contacts

Name  Position and Blog Link Email
Ms. Abdullah  4th Grade Teacher
Ms. Aboualayoui  4th Grade Teacher
Ms. Almasmari  5th Grade Teacher
Mr. A. Ahmed Foreign Language Teacher
Ms. E. Ahmed Middle School Teacher
Ms. S. Ahmed Middle School Language Arts Teacher
Ms. S. Ahmed 5th Grade Teacher
Ms. Alasry Middle School Language Arts  Teacher
Ms. Algahmie Middle School Math Teacher
Ms. I. Ali  4th Grade Teacher
Ms. Z. Ali Parent/Community Liaison
Ms. Alqadhi Middle School Resource Teacher
Ms.  Barbat Middle School Math
Ms. Baydoun Middle School Science
Ms. Bouladian Adult ESL Teacher
Mr. Bruce Middle School Social Studies Teacher
Ms. Centi A.V.I.D Coordinator and Language Arts
Ms. Colman Speech
Mr. Dakhlallah Resource Teacher
Ms. Dakroub Office Manager
Ms. Elward 4th Grade Teacher
Ms. Gorman Instructional Coach 4th & 5th Grade
Ms. Haidarah 4th Grade Teacher
Mr. Hojnicki
Elementary PE Teacher
Ms. Hussein Middle School Science Teacher 6th Gr. & 7th Gr.
Ms. Isaacs Cafeteria
Ms. K. Kolin
Preschool Teacher
Ms. Kushnir Art Teacher
Mr. Lawera Mr. Lawera’s blog
Ms. Mashrah
Ms. S. Mohamed 5th Grade Teacher
Ms. Y. Mohamed

Middle School Language Arts

Middle School Social Studies
Ms. Moisa
Preschool Teacher
Ms. Muhsin Middle School Science Teacher
Ms.  Musleh 5th Grade Teacher
Mr. Omar Assistant Principal
Ms.  Peterson Counselor & Computer Key
Ms. Price Special Ed Elementary
Ms. Qasem Elementary Resource Teacher
Ms. Regan Middle School Math Teacher
Mr. Saif School Social Worker
Ms. Sailani Child Accounting Secretary 
Ms. Talukder Middle School Social Studies Teacher
Ms.  Thalji
Special Ed Middle School
Ms. Thompson Special Ed Middle School
Ms. Warner
Middle School PE Teacher
Ms. Woods Adult ESL Teacher
Ms. Zahr Receptionist/Clerk


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