Staff Contacts

Name Position Room                            Teacher iblog
Ms. Abdullah 5th Grade Teacher 308
Ms. Fadak 4th Grade Teacher    
Ms. Adkins Vocal Music 115  
Ms. E. Ahmed Principal Office
Ms. S. Ahmed Middle School Math 201
Ms. Algahmie Middle School Resource Teacher 112C
Ms. I. Ali 5th Grade Teacher 312  
Ms. Z. Ali Parent Liaison 112A  
Ms. Alqadhi Middle School Resource Teacher 112B
Ms. Alvarado Media Specialist Media Center
Ms. Amen Media Secretary Media Center  
Ms. Backer Nurse 112A  
Ms. Baydoun Middle School Science & Social Studies 213 – Lab3 – Science Key
Ms. Bouladian Adult ESL 317  
Ms. Brandl ASD Teacher 204  
Mr. D. Brown Middle School Science 211 – Lab 2 – Science Key  
Ms. J. Brown Middle School Language Arts 214
Ms. Cabauatan Hearing 3G  
Mr. Carson PE Middle School GYM C
Ms. Centi A.V.I.D. Elective Teacher 321
Ms. Colman Speech 3A  
Ms. Dakroub Office Manager Office  
Ms. Dexter 5th Grade Teacher 314
Ms. Elward 4th Grade Teacher 309
Ms. Gagnon Occupational Therapist 112A  
Ms. Haidarah 4th Grade Teacher 307
Ms. Hussein Middle School Science 209 – Lab 1 – Science Key

Ms. Kolin Preschool Teacher 107  
Mr. Kurdi Middle School/Social Studies Teacher 303
Ms. Kushnir Middle School/Elementary Art Teacher 109  
Ms. Liepe 4th/5th Instructional Coach  320  
Mr. Maflahi Middle School Social Studies Teacher 305
Ms. Mashrah Psychologist 2-A Office  
Ms. S. Mohamed Middle School Math 218
Ms. Y. Mohamed Middle School Social Studies 120
Ms. Moisa Preschool Teacher 106
Ms. Moroz Middle School Language Arts 215
Ms. Mroue Instructional Math Coach 3C  
Ms. Musleh 5th Grade Teacher 315
Ms. Nowak Counselor Main Office
Mr. Omar Assistant Principal Main Office  
Ms. Pegouske Vocal Music 115  
Ms. Price Special Ed Elementary 319  
Ms. Qasem Elementary Resource Teacher 322 

Ms. Ramouni 4th Grade Teacher 313
Ms. Reynolds Middle School Language Arts 216
Ms. Riehl ASD Teacher 204  
Ms. Rosol Cafeteria Cafeteria  
Mr. Saif Social worker 112B  
Ms. Sailani Child Accounting Secretary II Office  
Ms. Sandakli Middle School Math 304
Ms. Sobh Instructional Language Arts Coach 3C  
Ms. Suski Special Ed Middle School 3D  
Ms. Talukder Middle School Resource Teacher 113A
Ms. Thalji Special Ed Middle School A228
Ms. Voelkner Instrumental Music 114
Ms. Warner Middle School PE Teacher Gym B  
Ms. Webber Vocal Music 114  
Ms. Woods Adult ESL 306  
Ms. Zahr Receptionist/Clerk Office  

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  1. I was a student at Salina in the 50/60’s and I heard about the 100 yr reunion and would like to get tickets for it. We live in Las Vegas NV so I would appreciate as much help I can get.

  2. My Grandfather was Edward G. McCandlish, the artist who painted the Mother Goose Rhyme Murals in the conference room at your school. My family first learned about these murals through an article written in 2015 in the Dearborn newspaper. I am hoping to bring my Aunt Hope Rider (one of the artist’s daughters) to view the murals sometime in November of this year. Is this possible?

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