Letter to the Community Relative to the New COVID-19 Restrictions

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November 18, 2020


On Sunday the Governor shared new orders from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services that once again scale back several activities for both business and schools. Please click on the link to view the   infographic that was created by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services which provides a visual representation of the new changes.  

Since our District has been working remotely and online since the start of school, many of the orders that went into effect starting at midnight on Wednesday, November 18th will not impact our delivery of instruction. In addition, our District took proactive steps several weeks ago  to aid in the efforts to reduce the amount of “close contacts” in our schools and slow the community spread of COVID-19. 

The District will continue to conduct all of our learning remotely at all grade levels. The suspension of in-person Learning Labs will also continue until a time when it is safe for students and staff to return to school. We have also reduced the number of staff members working in our buildings by encouraging working from home when possible and staggering shifts to allow our schools to continue to provide in-person services to parents by appointment. We look forward to returning to in-person instruction but will continue to take all precautions and measures that will help slow the spread of this virus.  

Included in the new order is the cancellation of all athletics for school districts. This will affect the student athletes here in Dearborn. Effective Monday, November 16th our Athletic Directors and coaches sent word to our student athletes and parents that all middle and high school athletics were suspended until at least December 8, but perhaps longer. All extra-curricular activity is a valued part of an overall educational experience, and we are truly disappointed by this temporary suspension of our athletic programs.  However, these steps are needed to help in the efforts to slow the community spread of COVID-19.   

Since early August, several students and staff have either directly become infected with COVID-19 or have been in close contact with someone who has.  It is important to point out that during this time our schools have implemented safety protocols that have been working. There are only two cases where an infection may have occurred in one of our schools.  This means that all other cases of COVID-19 that have appeared in our schools have come from outside the school environment.

I want to commend our principals, teachers, coaches, and students who have been doing an outstanding job of following all of the protocols and mitigation practices that we have put into place. I also want to recognize all other staff members, many who have been working in our buildings since March, and have followed all practices to keep our buildings clean and safe.  Information presented on Sunday during the Governor’s press conference indicated that there is a high number of outbreaks taking place in schools. This information is most likely based on statewide data but doesn’t reflect the conditions here in our schools. 

Since March we have been taking steps to try and slow the spread of COVID-19. I know this way of life is getting to be very tiring and it is not the way that we want to continue with our livelihood. However, I am confident that this is temporary. It may not seem like it right now but it is.  The battle ground in our war with COVID-19 has expanded from the grocery store to our kitchen, the movie theater to our living room, the bus to our car. In other words, the community spread is occurring in our homes and in small social gatherings. The practices that we know are working to keep us safe in public must now become part of our routine when spending time with friends and family.   

We are all looking forward to the upcoming holiday season and this year will look and feel a bit different than those in the past. However, the true meaning of the holidays remains the same. Coming together with friends and family (even if it is virtual or another form), the joy of giving, reaching out to those in need, and renewing our belief in the spirit of kindness for all.  These fundamental concepts are at the core of what the holidays are truly about.  Perhaps this holiday spirit, the spirit of giving, of being thankful, of sharing gifts with those we love will be the spirit that gets us through this crisis and provides us with the hope for great days ahead.  

Please stay safe and wear your mask. 


Glenn M. Maleyko, Ph.D.



Memo from Principal

DATE: November 18, 2020

TO: Salina Intermediate School Community

FROM: Principal, Eman Ahmed

RE: COVID-19 Case Identification 

A confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) has been identified at school. We are working closely with Wayne County Health Department to identify exposures and prevent further cases. This letter is informational only; no further action is required for you at this time.  If you have not been contacted by the district nurse or your building administrator, you are not considered to be a close-contact to the positive individual.

I want to thank all staff and students for following through social distancing measures and adhering to all other guidelines, like wearing masks at all times and not being in close contact with anyone for 15 minutes or more. I want to also remind all staff and students that we need to respect everyone’s privacy at all times. Your safety and privacy are important to us. Again, we thank all of you for adhering to all guidelines. 

The virus that causes COVID-19 is thought to spread mainly from person to person, through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks. These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs. Spread is more likely when people are less than six feet from each other for at least 15 minutes. A person who is a close contact of someone who is infected with COVID-19 may experience COVID-19 symptoms typically within two to fourteen days after a person is exposed. 

The symptoms of COVID-19 are similar in children and adults. Symptoms can include: Fever (>100.4oF), cough, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, runny or stuffy nose, loss of taste or smell, abdominal pain. 

There are many things that can be done to keep our schools, homes, and communities “COVID-19 free” and protect ourselves and loved ones: 

  1. Children and adults should stay home when ill. 
  2. Washing hands often with soap and running warm water for at least 20 seconds. 
  3. If a hand washing station is not available, use hand sanitizer properly. Gels, rubs, and hand wipes must contain at least 60% alcohol. Dispose of wipes in the trash after use. 
  4. Practice Good Respiratory Etiquette (cover a cough with elbow versus hand). 
  5. Follow guidance for wearing a face covering and social distancing. 

If you have questions, please contact Wayne County Health Department at 734-727-7078. 

Following the guidance of the MI Safe Schools Roadmap, the school has been disinfected. This includes spraying classrooms, hallways, locker rooms, and common areas as needed with a sanitizer, along with other methods of disinfection.

Additional information can be found on the CDC website.

بخصوص: وجود حالة إصابة بكوفيد – ١٩ 

تم تحديد حالة إصابة مؤكدة بفيروس كورونا (كوفيد -١٩ ) في المدرسة. نحن نعمل بشكل وثيق مع إدارة الصحة بمقاطعة وين لتحديد من كانوا في تماس مباشر مع الحالة المؤكدة ومنع وقوع إصابات جديدة. إن الغرض من هذه الرسالة هو الإخطار فقط ؛ لا يلزم اتخاذ أي إجراء آخر  من قبلكم في هذا الوقت. إذا لم يتم الاتصال بك من قبل ممرضة القطاع أو مسؤول المبنى الخاص بك ، فلا تعتبروا ممن كانوا على اتصال وثيق بالشخص المصاب.

أود أن أشكر جميع الموظفين والطلاب لاتباعهم تدابير التباعد الاجتماعي والالتزام بجميع الإرشادات الأخرى ، مثل ارتداء الأقنعة في جميع الأوقات وعدم الاتصال الوثيق بأي شخص لمدة 15 دقيقة أو أكثر. أريد أيضًا أن أذكر جميع الموظفين والطلاب أننا بحاجة إلى احترام خصوصية الجميع في جميع الأوقات. سلامتكم و خصوصيتكم مهمة بالنسبة لنا. مرة أخرى ، نشكركم جميعًا على التزامكم بجميع الإرشادات.

يُعتقد أن الفيروس المسبب لـ كوفيد -١٩  ينتشر بشكل أساسي من شخص لآخر ، من خلال الرذاذ التنفسي الذي ينتج عندما يسعل الشخص المصاب أو يعطس أو يتحدث. يمكن أن تهبط هذه القطرات في أفواه أو أنوف الأشخاص القريبين أو ربما يتم استنشاقها في الرئتين. تزداد احتمالية انتشار المرض عندما يتواجد الأشخاص على مسافة تقل عن ستة أقدام من بعضهم البعض لمدة ١٥  دقيقة على الأقل. قد يعاني الشخص الذي يكون على اتصال وثيق بشخص مصاب بـ كوفيد -19 من أعراض الفيروس عادةً في فترة تتراوح بين  يومين إلى أربعة عشر يومًا من يوم التعرض.

تتشابه أعراض كوفيد -١٩  عند الأطفال والبالغين. يمكن أن تشمل الأعراض: الحمى (حرارة أعلى من ٤. ١٠٠  درجة فهرنهايت) ، والسعال ، وضيق التنفس ، والغثيان ، والقيء ، والإسهال ، وسيلان أو احتقان الأنف ، وفقدان حاسة التذوق أو الشم ، وآلام في البطن.

هناك العديد من الأشياء التي يمكن القيام بها للحفاظ على مدارسنا و منازلنا ومجتمعاتنا وحماية أنفسنا وأحبائنا “خالية من كوفيد -١٩ “:

  • يجب على الأطفال والبالغين البقاء في المنزل عند المرض.
  • غسل اليدين بالصابون والماء الدافئ الجاري لمدة 20 ثانية على الأقل بشكل دائم.
  • في حالة عدم توفر مكان لغسيل الأيدي ، استخدم معقم اليدين بشكل صحيح. يجب أن تحتوي المواد الهلامية والمطهر ومناديل اليدين على نسبة  ٦٠ ٪ على الأقل من الكحول. تخلص من المناديل المبللة في سلة المهملات بعد الاستخدام.
  • تدرب على آداب التنفس الجيدة (قم بالسعال بالكوع من الجهة الداخلية).
  • اتبع الإرشادات الخاصة بارتداء غطاء الوجه والتباعد الاجتماعي.

للاسئلة، الرجاء الاتصال بمديرية الصحة بمقاطعة وين على الرقم:  ٧٠٧٨ – ٧٢٧ ( ٧٣٤)

اتباعاً لإرشادات خارطة طريق إعادة فتح المدارس بشكل آمن التي قررتها ولاية ميشغان سابقاَُ، تم تطهيرو تعقيم المدرسة. تضمن ذلك رش الفصول الدراسية والممرات وغرف تبديل الملابس والأماكن المشتركة الاستخدام حسب الحاجة بالمطهرات ، إلى جانب تطبيق طرق أخرى للتعقيم

للمزيد من المعلومات الرجاء زيارة موقع مركز مكافحة و السيطرة على  الأمراض


E-Books Coming to Salina

The district is purchasing the “Sora” e-book reading platform for all of Dearborn Public Schools.

Students will be able to access e-books on their Chromebooks, or other devices using the Sora app. They will log in through Clever, so they will have an easy way to get to this service.

Students will be able to access age appropriate e-books in partnership with the Dearborn Public Library, as well as books from the Wayne County Consortium of other schools.

More information will be shared as this is rolled out throughout the district this year. Check out this link if you’d like a sneak peek at what Sora can do.