Salina Intermediate School

8th Grade Students

8th grade students are getting ready for the transition to high school. So it is important to know what options are available for the next school year.

Most Salina Intermediate students will go to Edsel Ford High School next year. There are other options to consider within Edsel and outside of the school.

  • Edsel Ford High School offers several ways that  you can complete your High School Education. The State of Michigan sets the minimum graduation requirements as far as credits and types of credits. This is called the Michigan Merit Curriculum. To view the Michigan Merit Curriculum click this link ->Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC).
    • Students entering 9th grade may be eligible for honors courses such as Language Arts or Geometry.
    • Students who take a full year of foreign language in 8th grade will get one full high school credit and be placed into the second year of that language. The Merit Curriculum requires two years of foreign language. One of those years can be completed in middle school.
    • Students enrolled in Algebra I in 8th grade and earn a “C” or better will go on to Geometry in high school.
    • Visit the Edsel Ford website ->click here
  • Henry Ford Early College is one of the Dearborn Public School’s high schools.  Students must apply to the school and be accepted. This school offers programs in many types programs in health related fields. Students enrolled in this school will attend classes for an extra year but will receive a high school diploma and an associate’s degree. The program is a combination of high school courses and college level courses. To download the application, click here.
    • Visit the Henry Ford Early College website by clicking -> here
  • DCMST is a program that is designed for students who are excel at math and science. You must apply to this program. If you are accepted, you would attend the DCMST for half of your school day and your home high school for the other half. The website is located here ->DCMST