Salina Intermediate School


It is essential for students to practice reading at home on a daily basis. Unite for Literacy is a beneficial site for emergent readers and English Language Learners.  Stories are narrated in English and another language of your choice, including Arabic.  They are also divided into categories for students to choose books that interest them most.  Here are some reading tips:

1. Listen to your child read

2. Ask questions

Reading is not just about reading words but it involves thinking and remembering ideas.  Have your child retell the story or information to you after they read.

 (What happened?  What was the story about? Who was in the story..)

3. Make reading a regular activity in your home

Set a 1/2 hour of the day just for reading.  Have the T.V. and electronics off during this time.  Make it a family routine.

      “Reading to the mind, is what exercise is to the body”   -Joseph Addison

-Mrs. Qasem

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