Salina Intermediate School

Mid-Year NWEA Testing and P.B.I.S. Assemblies…

Dear Parents/Guardians,

During the month of January, each grade level attended a mid-year P.B.I.S./Response to Bullying Assembly.  Mr. Omar and Mr. Lawera discussed the following topics; school safety, response to bullying, classroom and school expectations, tardies, dismissal, tutoring, summer school and reading, to name a few.  In addition, middle school students attended a short play presented by JET’s theater.  They performed and discussed anti-bullying.  Salina Intermediate was featured in the Downriver Sunday Times.  You can read the article on the following link:

-Special thanks to Mr. Bruce for setting up the anti-bullying plays for the middle school students.

January NWEA testing will be completed on Friday.  Student scores will be available for all to view after Feb. 3rd.  Parent Contracts will be updated as well.  Please contact your child’s teacher or the school counselor if you’d like more information on your child’s NWEA score.

Please remember to have your child read for 20-30 minutes each night.  Students can even read online by going to “Clever” on the Dearborn Public School’s website.  There, they can login to Khan Academy, MyOn and/or MobyMax.  Finally, the students can go to the following website for additional NWEA Reading and Math practice:

Please join us on Feb. 15th @ 9:30 for our next Parent Principal Forum Meeting.  We will discuss and walk parents through these websites once again.


Mr. Lawera