Salina Intermediate School

Dear Parent/Guardian,

* Thank you to all the parents who attended our last Parent Principal Forum meeting on Sept. 26.  We had a great turnout.  We discussed the following topics:

  1. M-Step Reports
  2. Middle School Schedule and Updates
  3. “1 or More E’s Reports”
  4. “2 or More E’s Plan”
  5. PBIS, Bullying, Rules
  6. Other(s)
  7. Q and A

* Parent communication is key!  We stressed the importance of parents contacting teachers if they have a question or concern.  Checking teacher iblog sites and going on to Parent Connect is important as well.  As of now, all teachers have called home if a child was failing his/her class.

* Your child’s M-Step report was mailed home.  Directions were also sent in Arabic and English on “how to read your child’s score report.”

* We also discussed the importance of reminding students to use the crosswalks at dismissal.

* Last, we talked about Summer School.  Any student that has 2 or more E’s at the end of the school year will have to go to a Mandatory Summer School program.

If you have any questions about any of these topics, please stop by the school and talk to one of our staff.


Mr. Lawera


Click on the link below for directions:

M-Step Report; How to Read Your Child’s Score Report

Student M-Step Reports were mailed home.