Salina Intermediate School

Student Council Elections @Salina Intermediate

We are so proud of our students for taking part in the student council elections that were held yesterday. Each middle school Social Studies class, and elementary class, came down to the auditorium to vote for their President and Vice President. Just like they would do in a real elections when voting, students MUST be registered in their Social Studies classes. If a student wasn’t registered, they were not allowed to vote on election day.  So, they all made sure they registered

Whether they ran for an officer position or participated in the voting, we know that our students are getting “real life” exposure to what our voting rights are all about. Thank you to our families who have supported the students running for office. They all worked hard. The results are:

In fourth grade:  

In Ms.  Haidarah’s Class, the winner was Yasmeen Alawi. 

In Ms. Ramouni’s Class, the winner was Ahmed Alrayashi. 

In Ms. A’s class, the  winner was  Naydeen Ali.

 In Ms. Elward’s class, the winner was Bayan Almahmodi. 

In fifth grade: 
In Ms. Abdullah’s class, the winner was Loay Nasser. 

In Ms. Ali’s class, the winner is Ilyas Ali. 

In Ms. Dexter’s class, the winner is Taha Ali

In Ms. Musleh’s class, the winner is Sameer Hussein.

Now, for middle school.

Mrs. Y. Mohamed and Mrs. S. Mohamed both counted the ballots.

The secretary of Student Council will be  Layal Alward.  Layal will be secretary by default because she was the only candidate for this position. 

The Vice President will be Hassan Omar.

The President of Student Council will be Yusef Ahmed.