Salina Intermediate School

One Salina Celebration: 3rd and 8th Grade on Thursday June 11

(Date Changed Due to Projected Weather)

On Thursday June 11, 2020 the Salina Staff will be outside wishing our third and eight grade students well.  It will be a chance to celebrate the new stages in their lives as third graders move into the Big Brown Building and eighth graders move on to EFHS.   The event will take place outdoors from 12:00-2:30 pm.  Students will arrive in cars and pass through the drive, greeted by their teachers and other staff members.  All staff will maintain social distancing guidelines and wear masks.

  • Students and families will remain in their cars. This will be a 1-way traffic coming from Lowrey Street.  SRO will be invited to attend to help with traffic control.
  •  There will be two clearly marked lanes (third and eight )  designated for the families in cars.  Staff members will be assigned to helping direct cars as they pull up.  
  • As the cars go through, staff will be cheering them on with signs and music.  Designated teachers will hand students a gift packet from the schools using protective gear and maintaining a safe distance.
  • 3rd and 8th grade families will be informed of the event through social media sites, emails and robo-call and text.
  •  Event was changed from Wednesday June 10 to Thursday June 11 due to projected rain.