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Dearborn Public Schools Education Foundation Contest- Please Vote!!

The Dearborn Education Foundation is in a contest to win $10,000 and we need everyone’s support by voting for them daily.   

I hope that you can share this information and help them win.  I have some information below on why you should vote for them and here is the link to vote:

Many people agree that education is one of the most integral aspects of both a child’s life and America’s future. Schooling in this country was already challenged before COVID-19, so it’s imperative that organizations like the Dearborn Education Foundation work harder to bring the community together to make a difference.

Since 1992, they have raised and returned more than $2 million to Dearborn Public Schools. They are one of the rare such organizations in Michigan that enjoys a strong working relationship with our school district and city government – something for which our contemporaries are envious.

Their grants have funded classroom initiatives from music to computers and math to science, and thousands of dollars in scholarships have helped jumpstart our recipients’ entry into the world of higher education. The fact that in Dearborn – and in most locations nationwide –they are facing semi-closed schools and students who must stay home to protect their health and safety has not defeated their mission.

Because of their resources, every student will have an opportunity to achieve their greatest potential; every teacher will have greater access to the resources they need for effective education, and every administrator will have more opportunities to provide outstanding support and leadership.  

Thank you for your support!