Salina Intermediate School

Salina to Host the Ford Motor Company STEAM Box Giveaway!(Tomorrow)

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)

On Thursday, October 22nd from 3:45-5:45, Ford Motor Company will host a STEAM Box giveaway in front of Salina Elementary for families from the Salina Community!

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Volunteers from Ford Motor will be distributing Ford STEAM Boxes from the Ford STEAM Machine. The STEAM Machine is their mobile STEAM museum!  The goal of the STEAM Machine is to start inspiring students to think of their futures in STEAM and to inspire the next generation of Ford Engineers!

The STEAM Boxes are an at-home boxed activity for kids aging from 8-13. They can work on the activity independently or in a group to build a cardboard Ford Mustang GT. The model is motorized, can drive down the table or on the ground, it has working headlights and has a working horn too. 

Families at Salina who have students are invited to drive down the street in front of Salina Elementary to receive the STEAM box through their car window.  One STEAM box per family!  The STEAM box giveaway will be from 3:45 until 5:45 OR until all boxes are distributed.

See you on Thursday!