Salina Intermediate School

Dearborn Public Schools Art Show

Click the link to see the show!  Feel free to share! 2021 Dearborn Public Schools Art Show Salina Intermediate starts on slide 134.  Due to the public exposure of the show, names were not included.  Here is a list of our student artists in the order in which their art appears in the show:
Jenna Mussad 4th 

Soraya Kassem 4th

Ayah Kataya 7th

Reem Alqadhi 8th

Haleema Harhara 7th

MariamSophia Kahla 7th

Marwan Omayan 7th

Leena Altatah 8th

Ahmed Elshammam 7th

Mohamed Hujran 5th

Adam Nehdi 8th

Jumanh Barman 7th

Waleed Kaid 4th

Congratulations to all of our talented artists!