Salina Intermediate School

We Need your Help!

Greetings everyone, The Salina and Dearborn community are very grateful to Ian Kennedy, Ian’s family and the Boy Scouts local troop for donating their time, energy and resources to helping to beautify and make use of our green space.  This includes an assortment of plants, trees, a butterfly garden and more!
They have come to meet with us several times in the last few months to plan and look at ways they can beautify our area surrounding the garden!
This Saturday and Sunday, we need your help!  We would truly appreciate it if you can help me support Ian and his outstanding team. 

There are multiple shifts/times to sign up for.  

Shifts 1 and 4, and potentially shift 3 will be taking place primarily at Salina, however shift 2 will be taking place at Christ Episcopal Church on the corner of Cherry Hill and Military. These plans may be altered if it rains this Saturday. If there are no slots remaining during the shift you would like to attend, then do not worry about signing up through the sign up genius. You are welcome to come whenever you are available.
A great opportunity for community service and to involve your family or friends! 

 I have also included Ian in this email if you have any questions
Thank you in advance!!/showSignUp/70A084AACAC2FA2FA7-ians

Ian Kennedy