Salina Intermediate School

M-Step Testing Schedule

The Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress (M-STEP) testing window this school year is  April 11- May 20, 2022.Students in grades 4th-7th will take M-STEP English Language Arts and the Mathematics assessments. Eighth graders will take the PSAT (ELA and Math) on April 13th.  M-STEP Science and  Social Studies tests will be given in grades 5th & 8th.

Before the Test:
*Develop a positive attitude. Tell yourself, “I will do my best on this test.”  
*Get a good night’s sleep the night before the test.
*Get up early enough to avoid hurrying to get ready for school.
*Eat a healthy breakfast.
During the Test:
*Relax and stay calm.
* Listen carefully to the directions the teacher gives. 
*Ask questions if you don’t understand what to do.
*Read each question carefully. Find the key words. Try to figure out what the question is really asking. 
*Read the entire question and look at all the answer choices.
*Use strategies you learned in class to figure out the answer. 
*Take your time picking the best answer.
*Go back and recheck your answers.