Salina Intermediate School

Dearborn Master Land Use Plan Update Info

Dear Parents and Community Members,

The MLUP is a 5 to 10 year plan for the future of Dearborn, determining where new buildings go, how streets are redesigned, where water and sewer infrastructure is replaced, and more. It’s a broad plan that impacts nearly everything in the city, including transportation, development, recreation, the economy, natural resources, arts, and culture. We want to make sure that this plan, and the future it lays out, is reflective of our rich history, the diversity of people who are here today, and the future generations who will be here someday. We are designing a variety of accessible, inclusive, and welcoming activities for both Arabic and English speakers and invite all people who live, work, learn, and/or plan in Dearborn to participate – this includes you and yours. 

1. Community Survey – open for input through mid-March. Links are below:

Arabic-Language Survey: 

English-Language Survey:

Survey Info Graphic (PDF):

Survey Info Graphic (JPEG):

2. Project Website 
– all information and a link to sign up for updates is available at

3. Community Ambassador Opportunity – we are looking to hire community members for paid positions that will take part in the MLUP effort. Ambassadors must live in the City of Dearborn and meet other job requirements. More info online at

Thank you,

Eman Ali-Ahmed


Salina Intermediate