Preschool Registration

Montessori Virtual Preschool - Excelled Montessori Plus

Dearborn Public Schools will be giving out applications for this year’s GSRP preschool programs offered at Salina Elementary and Salina Intermediate Wednesday, August 26, 2020 from 10 a.m – 12 p.m. To be enrolled, children must turn 4 years old before Dec. 1, 2020. Applications will be available for pick up outside the office doors at Salina Elementary 2700 Ferney St.

Please be sure to wear a mask when picking up applications.

When you pick up an application, an appointment will be made for your family to return paperwork on September 1st.

If families cannot not make it to one of these locations to pick up an application or if there is currently an application on file and an appointment is needed, please contact Cotter Early Childhood Center at 313-827-6150 before September 1st. 

GSRP will be starting virtually this school year and will follow the direction of Dearborn Schools for returning to face-to-face instruction. Teachers will be working with accepted families remotely and offering some face-to-face assistance for families able to visit their classroom.

If families have already completed the application process and received an acceptance letter, a preschool teacher will contact the family during the first week in September.

ستقدم مدارس ديربورن العامة إستمارة التسجيل ببرامج الروضة لهذا العام في مدرسة سلاينا المتوسطة ومدرسة سلاينا الابتدائية في يوم الأربعاء 26 أغسطس 2020 من الساعة 10 ص حتى 12 ظ. من أجل التسجيل ، يجب أن الطفل يكون 4 سنوات من العمر قبل 1 ديسمبر 2020.  وستكون إستمارة التسجيل متاحة الاستلام خارج أبواب مكتب سلاينا الإبتدائية على عنوان 2700 شارع فيرني

يرجى التأكد من ارتداء الكمامة عند إلتقاط إستمارة التسجيل

عندما تستلم إستمارة التسجيل، سيتم تحديد موعد لعائلتك لإعادة الأوراق في 1 سبتمبر

إذا لم تتمكن العائلات من الوصول إلى أحد من هذه المواقع لإستلام الطلب أو إذا كان هناك حاليًا طلب مسجل في الملف ويلزم تحديد موعد، يرجى الإتصال بمركز الروضة في كوتر على 6150-827-313 قبل 1 سبتمبر

سيبدأ برنامج الروضة هذا العام الدراسي تقريبًا وسيتبع توجيه مدارس ديربورن للعودة إلى التدريس وجهًا لوجه. سيعمل المعلمون مع العائلات المقبولة عن بُعد ويقدمون بعض المساعدة وجهًا لوجه للعائلات القادرة على زيارة فصولهم الدراسية

إذا كانت العائلات قد أكملت بالفعل عملية الإستمارة والتقيت رسالة القبول، فستتصل معلمة الطفل ما قبل المدرسة بالعائلة خلال الأسبوع الأول في سبتمبر 


Fall Chromebook Distribution 8/25/2020

Salina Intermediate Families, we will be holding a Fall Chromebook Distribution for students in need on Tue, August 25th, 2020 from 10AM-1PM in the front of the school, by the main office.. Dearborn Schools has decided that instruction will begin online on August 31st. Before the first week of October, the school district will reassess the situation surrounding the pandemic as it affects the safety and health of our students, and either extend remote learning online OR transition students back to school. 

Instructional expectations for students will NOT reflect what students did in the Spring. Students will be expected to complete about 15 hours of live instruction per week as well as additional hours for coursework that supports learning. Attendance will be taken daily for each course and we will go back to standard grading practices. It is essential that students have access to technology and the internet. 

Thank you. 

أولياء الأمور ، سنقوم بتوزيع Chromebook في موسم الخريف يوم 25 آب (أغسطس) 2020 من الساعة 10 حتى 1 ظهرًا أمام المدرسة, من قبل المكتب الرئيسي. قررت مدارس ديربورن أن التعليم سيبدأ عبر الإنترنت في 31 أغسطس. خلال الأسبوع الأول من أكتوبر ، ستعيد المنطقة التعليمية تقييم الوضع المحيط بالوباء لأنه يؤثر على سلامة وصحة طلابنا ، وإما تمديد التعلم عن بعد عبر الإنترنت أو نقل الطلاب إلى المدرسة.

لن تعكس التوقعات التعليمية للطلاب ما فعله الطلاب في الربيع. يُتوقع من الطلاب إكمال حوالي 15 ساعة من التدريس المباشر في الأسبوع بالإضافة إلى ساعات إضافية للدورات الدراسية التي تدعم التعلم. سيتم أخذ الحضور يوميًا لكل دورة وسنعود إلى ممارسات الدرجات القياسية. من الضروري أن يتمكن الطلاب من الوصول إلى التكنولوجيا والإنترنت.

شكرا لكم.


Salina Student Registration 2020-21

Salina Families,

For students who are new to Salina and would like to register for this school year, please call 313-827-6550 for elementary Kindergarten-3rd grade and 313-827-6600 for 4th-8th Grade.

You can also call student services for registration information at  313-495-4004

Preschool Registration will be on September 1st and 2nd at Salina.

More information on Registration and Enrollment

Start Your Child’s Online Pre-enrollment Here:


Dearborn Virtual Program (2020-21)

On Monday, August 10, the Board of Education approved a plan for all Dearborn Public School students to return to school online. Students from kindergarten through high school will take classes online at least until sometime around the beginning of October.  The board will re-evaluate conditions later in September to see if it is possible for some or all students to begin returning to their classrooms perhaps in a blended model of in-class and online learning.

The District understands there are parents who want their children in a 100% virtual learning program no matter what phase the State is in or how other students in the District are attending school.  For the parents who want a 100% on-line option for the entire school year, the school district has created the Dearborn Virtual Learning Program for students K-12. Parents selecting this option are opting their children into the program for a one-year commitment. 

In order to meet staffing, transportation, and several other components of our new school environment, it is vitally important to know how many students will join the Virtual Program. Parents seeking more information and/or are interested in opting their child(ren) into this program must complete and sign an application that will be available at Salina Intermediate School on Wednesday, August 12th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m School administrators, secretaries and teachers will be on hand (social distancing, limited numbers, and masks will be enforced) to answer any questions and collect the completed and signed paperwork.   Parents will be asked to  line-up outside the school prior to completing the application.  Parents will meet with a staff member to complete and turn in the application outside the main office at Salina Intermediate. (Masks and social distancing will be mandated.)

If you have children at different grade levels and buildings, you do not need to attend meetings or turn in opt in forms at multiple schools.  Opt-in forms will be available and parents can opt-in all their children at one location.

Here is a link to the complete schedule of schools and meetings:

Virtual Learning Program Meeting Times

We understand there are many questions, concerns, and uncertainties as we approach the start of the school year.  Our Back to School Reopen Committee has spent many hours considering all of the health, safety, logistical, and educational concerns before making their recommendations. Our Board spent many hours reviewing those recommendations including a six hour Study Session to hear from the various sub-committees and stakeholders.  We are now ready to move forward, together, to ensure what will be an interesting, but great, start to the 2020-21 school year. You can look forward to many future communications as soon as the facts are known.  

Salina Intermediate- If you are interested in signing up for the Virtual Learning Program or need additional information, please stop by the school on:

Wednesday, Aug. 12th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m

Office phone 313-827-6600

You can also visit the link below to learn more about this option/program:

If you have any questions about the Virtual Learning Program or the on-line program we will be offering to students as we start the 2020-21 school year, please email me:


Mrs. Eman Ahmed, Ed. S.