Wayne County Health Update

UPDATE: In accordance with WCHD Wayne County Health Department at WCHD, “Upon return from international travel, an individual should self-quarantine for 7-days, and at the end of the 7-days have another COVID PCR test that needs to be negative before the individual/student returns to school.”

أعلنت نظام مركز الصحي, اذا احد اتى من خارج البلاد, الطلب انه يحتجر الحجر الصحي لمدة 7 ايام، بعد 7 أيام لازم يذهب يفحص فحص الكرونا، الفحص لازم يكون سلبي لرجوع الشخص\الطالب\ة إلى المدرسة. 


New Books for February

Curbside book pickup is this afternoon and every Monday from 1:00-2:30PM and every Thursday from 1:30 to 3:00PM. Pick up location is in the back of school near the community center area.