Cipriano Run Results

This past Saturday, some of our Salina students braved the near freezing temperature, and participated in the 4th Annual Cipriano Run.  It proved to be an extremely accomplished morning for quite a few of our students.    

Some of the highlights from this weekend were: 

  • Approximately 800 total runners district wide, grades 4-8; 68 runners from Salina
  • We had 5 fourth grade girl runners finishing 19, 48, 49, 76, and 86 out of approx 137 runners
  • We had 19 fourth grade boy runners with medalists being Albaraa Qasem 2nd place and Fayez Norman 5th place 
  • We had 7 fifth grade girl runners out of approx 129.  Our best finisher came in at 17th place.  
  • We had 16 fifth grade boy runners out of a total of 150.  The 5th grade boys team were District Champs with top finishers and medalists being Hassan Alatooli 2nd place and Abdulrahman Ahmed 7th place; along with runners coming in 13th, 15th, and 21st to fulfill the winning criteria! Congrats Boys
  • The sixth grade girls had 3 runners participating out of about 49 total runners.  Our girls finished 17, 24, and 32. 
  • The sixth grade boys also brought home hardware with a District Championship!  There were 8 sixth grade boy runners out of a total of 32 participants.  Our boys dominated the top 10 with 7 medalists! It was a very proud moment to see so many Salina students up there. They were led by Alhassan Nassr who finished the 2 mile middle school run in 1st place with a time of 13:35! (Go try to beat that?!) 
  • Our seventh grade girls only had 1 runner (Good for you, Faida Hussein) and she finished 27th out of 41 runners.
  • Our 7th grade boys had a strong showing also.  They nearly won as a team led by Foouad Norman coming in 1st with a blazing time of 12:33 minutes!  The Salina boys also medaled at 4th, 6th, and 9th.  
  • Lastly, the 8th grade boys finished 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 7th out of 9 total runners. That was 4 more medals for Salina.  

All-in-all, Salina brought home 19 medals (earned by finishing in the top 10 in each respective race), two 1st place finishers, 3 second place finishers, and 2 team/ school titles.  

All of our participants should be commended for their efforts!  They did their best, and displayed their commitment and fortitude running on such a cold day.  

In addition, a big thank you to the numerous staff and parents that bundled up to cheer on and support our young athletes.  

~Mr. Hojnicki

Check out all the final results at:


Here is a link to the story that ran on WDIV ch. 4.  



Dear Parents/Guardian:

The LAHC (Lebanese American Heritage Club) will be hosting a special Healthy Living Session for the Parents on Tuesday, October 20th at Salina Intermediate.  This program seeks to promote a healthy youth by motivating and education children on proper nutrition and fitness.  Our goal is to empower your children to take control of their health at the earliest age possible, and you as a parent play a key role in this process.

The program will begin at approximately 10:00am.  We will discuss and reinforce the nutrition lessons that your children are being taught during their monthly sessions in the classroom.  It will be a great learning opportunity and show your children that their health and wellness is a priority for you.  We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!  Light refreshments will be served.

إجتماع الأهالي عن الحياة الصحي
يوم الثلاثاء, 20 أكتوبر\تشرين الأول 2015

أعزائي الأهالي\أولياء الأمر,
نادي التراث الأمريكية اللبنانية سوف تقدم إجتماع خاص عن الحياة الصحي لجميع الأهالي يوم الثلاثاء, 20 أكتوبر في مدرسة سلاينا المتوسطة. هذا البرنامج هو يشجع الصحة للشباب الصُغار وتعليم الأطفال على الطعام الصحي والليقة البدنية. هدفنا هو تقوية الأطفال لتحكم على صحتهم في اسرع وقت من أعمارهم, وأنتم كأب\أم عندكم دور في حياتهم.
هذا البرنامج سوف يبدع الساعةُ العاشرة في الصباح. نحن سوف نتناقش عن التغذية التي طفلك يتعلم من برنامجنا الشهري. هذه فرصة عظيمة لإظهار طفلك على إن صحتهم وعافيتهم هي أفضلية لكم. نحن نتطلع على رؤيتكم هناك! سوف نقدم المرطبات الخفيفة.


Cipriano Run

4th Annual Robert Cipriano Cross Country Meet


Saturday, October 17th
Ford Field Park located at Cherry Hill and Brady St. in Dearborn
Qualified 4th-8th grade students will be participating in an annual cross country meet.

Race Times
Open Staff Run: 8:30am
4th Grade Girls: 9am
4th Grade Boys: 9:20am
5th Grade Girls: 9:40am
5th Grade Boys: 10am
Middle School All Students(6-8th grade): 10:30am


October Announcements

7th– Late Start

14th– PTA Meeting 3:30

16th- Half Day All Students

17th-Cipriano Meet –8:30

20th-Parent Meeting   10:00

Topic Healthy Living  (LAHC)

26th & 29th Parent/Teacher

Conferences for Middle School

28th Parent Principal Mtg. 8:30



7th –Stout @ Salina (Home)

14th– Stout @ Lowrey

21st– Lowrey @ Salina (Home)

29th– Salina @ Bryant


1st– Woodworth @ Salina (Home)

6th– Smith @ Salina (Home)

8th– Salina @ Lowrey

13th– Stout @ Salina (Home)



Lunch Applications


breakfast lunch

You do not have to complete an application if you received a letter in the mail indicating direct certification for school meals.  If your child brings home a lunch application, please complete it and return to the school as soon as possible.  If you delay or if the office finds you are not eligible for free or reduced lunch, you will have to pay full price or bring a lunch from home.


Full Price is $1.25

Reduced Price is $.30


Full Price is $2.50

Reduced Price is $.40