Happy Eid

There is no school tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Have a great and restful weekend! 

Wishing you and your families a Happy Eid!



Lock It or Lose It

The Superintendent is in full support of a new campaign started by the Dearborn Police called Lock It or Lose It.  This is a community wide effort to decrease the theft of items left in cars in our city and it is really pretty simple…keep your doors locked and keep valuable out of your car.

The Dearborn Police have asked us, and the Superintendent has agreed, to place the Lock It our Lose It message on all outside message boards for the entire summer.  If you don’t have an electronic board then please do your best to try and include the message on your manual outside board.

Help us keep our Salina Community safe!


Lock it or Lose it Flyer

Lock it or Lose it Finalized Banner


Talent Show



June 5, 2015

8:15-9:30 Middle School

9:45-11:00 Elementary 

Salina Intermediate Auditorium


Memorial Day Parade – look for our Band and Flags!

Our band and strings students will be representing our Salina Community in the Dearborn Memorial Day Parade, Monday, May 25, 2015.

Here are some very important details for this date:

What should we wear? All students and parents chaperoning should wear Salina Shirts and black pants or skirts.

What should I bring with me?  Bring only your instrument or flag.  Leave your case in your parent’s car or at home.  Do not bring electronic devises/games and leave nothing on the bus.

Warning: If you bring something along to the parade other than your instrument YOU will have to carry it while playing your instrument or leave it in the trash.

Will I need food or water?  No food or water will be necessary since the city will provide snacks and water.

What time:  please be at Salina Intermediate School by 8:40 a.m.

When will we return:  Dearborn school bus will return students to Salina Intermediate School by around 11:30 depending upon the length of the parade.


Will we have fun:  Certainly!!  WE will look and sound great if everyone works hard and practices before the parade – and then we will have fun!