Winter NWEA Testing in January

Dear Parents,

  • Winter NWEA testing will begin in January. Middle School students will start the Reading assessment on January 8.  Students will take the Math NWEA test the second week, the Language Usage NWEA test on the third week and the Science NWEA test during the fourth week.  Please encourage your child to continue reading and taking the practice on-line tests.  e.,  Your child can also check their teacher’s iblog sites for more recommendations on how to prepare themselves for the NWEA Assessment.  i.e., IXL, Khan Academy, etc.

Elementary students will also begin NWEA tesing in January.  Your child will have the testing information written in their planners.


  • End of the 2nd Card Marking; January 18th, 2019. Please make sure your child completes all his/her assignments over the Winter Break.


Have a wonderful break and a Happy New Year!


NWEA January 7th, 2019


This is a reminder that we will be doing NWEA testing when we return from break, starting January 7th, 2019.

In the next couple of days, please remind students to continue reviewing content over the winter break. Khan Academy Mappers and IXL are a couple of sites they can visit.  The district has also provided a link for NWEA practice  

We appreciate your support!


Have a restful break!

We wish you all a wonderful break.  We are asking that you make sure your child is reading daily for at least 30 minutes, going on IXL, Khan Academy, completing homework and missing assignments.  Report Card Marking 2 is coming to an end January 18th, 2019.  We want to make sure all our students are succeeding.   Here are some helpful links:


Thank you for your support.