Letter from President Obama to our Science Class!

Sixth grade students at Salina Intermediate learn that their voice really matters. Students in Mrs. Hamade’s and Mrs. Abdelbaki’s science class got to see first-hand that voicing concerns over environmental issues will spark a response from important people– like the President of the United States. In the fall of 2013, these students were studying the effects of pollution on the environment. This is when they decided to write a class letter relaying their concern about the amount of smog from the factories in their neighborhood. In the letter that they sent to President Obama, they used information that they learned in their science unit on how humans affect the Earth. They also learned how to properly write a letter of concern to public officials. A couple months later, the teachers and students were very excited to receive a large envelope from the White House addressed to their class. The letter explained how happy the President is to learn that young people are interested in important issues like these and what they can do to help the environment. The letter from the White House along with pictures that were also sent will be framed in the main showcase of the school. Needless to say, this science lesson will be a memorable one for these students!



Schools Closed Wed. March 12

Dearborn Public Schools will be closed Wednesday, March 12th, 2014 due to weather.

سيتم إغلاق مدارس ديربورن الأربعاء، 12 مارس، 2014 بسبب الطقس


March Is Reading Month

Dear Parents,

“March Is Reading Month” is here! We encourage all parents to volunteer at Salina Intermediate and read to the students. Please contact our Parent Liaison or your child’s teacher to set up a time to read to your son or daughter’s class.

 At home, we are asking for you to read with your child for 30 minutes each night. Asking comprehension questions and having a conversation about the story is recommended as well. You can also have your child log onto:

Username: salinaint

Password: books

Your child can hear stories read to them and play reading games and puzzles on this interactive site. Check it out!



March Announcements:

  • March 3: Parent Teacher Association Meeting …8:30
  • March 3: 10, 17, 24, 31- Why Try program with ACCESS for the 4th & 6th graders
  • March 12: Late Start …8:55
  • March 19: Parent Conferences for Middle School
  • March 20: Parent Principal Forum Meeting …8:30
  • March 20: Bingo For Books…3:30-5:30
  • March 27: Parent Conferences for Elementary



  • March 4: Girls Volleyball Game Salina @ Unis
  • March 6: Girls Volleyball GameLowery @ Salina
  • March 11: Girls Volleyball GameSalina @ Woodworth
  • March 13: Boys Swimming… Salina @ Unis
  • March 18: Girls Volleyball Game @ Salina
  • March 18: Boys Swimming… Salina @ Lowery
  • March 20: Boys Swimming…Salina @ Bryant
  • March 25: Girls Volleyball Game @ Salina
  • March 27: Boys Swimming…Salina @ Stout

February Break

Remember, February Break starts on Monday.  There will be no school the week of Feb. 17- Feb. 21. Enjoy the time off and don’t forget to read everyday. See you back in class on February 24, 2014!

لن يكون هناك مدرسة من 17-21 فبراير. تذكر أنك يجب أن تقرأ كل يوم